Friday, March 28, 2008

Second Blog

When I came across with some bloggers site I always wonder how come they got a lot of blogsite but then I realize it's all about earning money, the more blogsite you have the more money and opportunity you will have. So here I go doing my second blog, my first blog is a month older than this one, I also realize that your page must be atleast a month before you'll get an approval from a paying advertisement sites. I remember when I made my first blog and saw some bloggers having fun earning money through advertisement so in my curiosity I submitted my blog though it was 3 days old, the advertisement site sent me some verification and then let me know that I have to wait.. so i waited and there it was a big DENIED word was being flaunted and there I read where and why am I being denied well simply because my page is not yet 1 month old he he he, they said that I can always resubmit it, my other blog is 1 month old now but still hasn't submitted it, but anyway I will someday soon. So this time for this new blog of mine I need to wait for some more months before I can submit this.. This earning through blogging really catch my interest when I knew how big the opps are I was like "what"??? LOL yea I was a bit shock cuz its a big money... I envy those people who got their own domains now but hey Im getting one too not yet but I know its gonna be soon Hollaaaahhh...
Some more months from now, I'll be getting serious on how to make money on blogging, I have to wait till I get to US so I can address everything there, cuz I don't want to address paypal here.
I am as excited as a kid drooling for a lollipop lol, yes im looking forward to the days I got my approval and learn some more stuff about this whole thing.

For those who add this new blog of mine thanks a lot, my blog wouldn't be perfect without linking with you guys... Enjoy blogging...