Saturday, March 29, 2008

Such Love

This day isn't that bad at all to me, well my fiance seems not aware that I was a bit upset to him yesterday night cuz he still send those same lines he use to through to me.. So instead of getting upset to him more, I chose not to mind it and just let my feelings go so I wont feel bad thinking about those non sense feeling. Well we have just finished talking tonight and I feel good knowing were OK and that I don't feel upset anymore ohh well such love he he he. But as they always say thats how love make ups their own spices, to always keep the relationship HOT and Exciting.
We talked some stuff about life there and well thats what I have always been waiting for hehehe the talks about "USA". He is now off to computer and playing his bestfriend since birth his GUITAR, and I'm still here blogging lol, I told him I have to so I my visitors have something new to read and that it will help me increase my page rank too hehehe. Thats all I could share today... I'm looking for the brighter side of the clouds now and totally HAPPY...